Buffet One – Appetiser, choice of 2 salads, 3 hot dishes, 2 side dishes & dessert $40.00 per person
Buffet Two – Appetiser, choice of 3 salads, 4 hot dishes, 3 side dishes & dessert $49.00 per person

Minimum 40 people


Bread rolls & butter
Chef’s selection of cured meats with vegetable sticks & dips

Hot Selection

Braised beef cheeks with rich red wine sauce, shallots and pancetta

Roasted pumpkin, ricotta and fresh spinach lasagne

Perch fillets with honey soy sauce

Chicken ragout

Greek style lamb shoulder braised with garlic and rosemary

Beer battered fish in a creamy homemade honey mustard sauce

Roast honey soy chicken


Traditional Greek salad

Moroccan couscous with peppermint sultana, apricot and roasted vegetables

Asian style crispy noodle salad

Spinach with roasted pumpkin and mixed nuts

Caesar salad


Baked baby potatoes seasoned with rosemary and sea salt

Steamed jasmine rice

Steamed seasonal vegetables

Roasted seasonal vegetables

Roasted butter pumpkin


Selection of cakes, gateaux and tarts with cream and fruit coulis